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Martial Arts Fitness Curriculum

Black Tiger Academy's Martial Arts Fitness Curriculum is a physical education course specifically designed for "at-risk" secondary students in alternative education programs. However, the program can be used with a variety of populations including students in conventional high schools or teens and young adults in other programs and settings such as after-school programs like Boys and Girls Club.

The course is designed for use by trained martial arts instructors who currently work or plan to be working with secondary school students and who would like to supplement their martial arts instruction with content-driven instruction in nutrition, fitness and "whole health." The course also offers the martial arts instructor a complement of "get-to-know-you" activities that are great for building a familiar and comfortable classroom community.

The curriculum presented here contains lesson plans for 20 class sessions, each one 50 minutes long (not including time for students to change clothes). Because each class builds upon the preceding lesson, it is recommended that the classes be taught in the order presented.

Downloads: This course is available in pdf format. Click on the following links to download either the entire 133-page curriculum or select selections.

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